The purpose of the School Financial Aid Department is to help provide assistance to those students who need funding to pursue their educational goals. Financial Aid programs attempt to close the gap that exists between the cost of your education and the money available from you and your family’s income, savings, or other sources.

Because government funds are limited, the funding you receive may not always completely cover your educational expenses. As a result, the student and/or parents, if applicable, are expected to make a maximum effort to meet these expenses.

Eligible students that demonstrate a financial need may be offered a FEDERAL GRANT, known as a Pell Grant. Federal Grants are awards that do not have to be paid back to the government. We also offer DIRECT LOAN, this is a student loan that the student is required to pay back to the government.

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Programs Available

  • Federal Pell Grants: A Federal Pell Grant, unlike the loans, does not have to be repaid. The Pell Grant is awarded only to undergraduate students who have not earned a Bachelor’s degree or Professional Degree. For many students, the Pell Grant is the foundation to their financial aid to which additional aid may be added.


  • Direct Student Loans: Direct Student Loans are Financial Aid that have to be paid back; however, the student has a six month grace period from the time they graduate to start paying back the loan. There is a fixed rate on the loan of 6.8% that starts being charged after the first disbursement made to the school and will also be charged during the six month grace period for any unsubsidized loan. The monthly payments are very minimal and any amount of money paid over the minimal amount will be credited to the principal amount of the loan. There are four different types of Direct Students Loans.

They are as follows:

* Direct Subsidized Loan: Interest is not charged while you are attending school, during grace periods, or deferment periods.
* Direct Unsubsidized Loans: Interest is charged during all periods including while you are in school, grace periods, and deferment periods.
* Direct PLUS Loans: This loan is for parents of dependent students. Interest is charged during all periods.                                                                       * Direct Consolidation Loans: This loan is for students and parents that combine different federal student loans into one loan.

For Direct Student Loan, no one is rejected based on their credit and anyone who qualifies for the Federal Pell Grant automatically qualifies for the Direct Loan.



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Financial and Satisfactory Academic Progress

Your eligibility for financial aid payments depends on your progress. You must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Any student who does not meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements will be ineligible to receive any financial aid.

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You are eligible if you:

  • Are a United States Citizen or legal resident.
  • Can demonstrate financial need.
  • Are enrolled to attend at least half-time (20 hrs per week).
  • Are making satisfactory academic progress.
  • Registered with the Selective Services (for males only), if applicable.
  • Do not owe any money to any of the Federal Financial Aid programs.


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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Information on all forms of Financial Aid will be available through the Financial Aid Office in the school. Prospective students interested in obtaining financial aid will need to call or come to the Financial Aid office where they may be able to obtain the necessary forms and information to apply. The staff will be more that glad to assist you in the completion of the forms or answering any questions that you may have.

You can also bring the following documents to our office to expedite the application process:

  • State ID or Driver's License
  • Social Security Card
  • U.S. Legal Resident Card or Proof of Citizenship
  • High School Diploma
  • Income Taxes