Sal began his career in Sicily, Italy, where he studied hairdressing. After his studies, he arrived in the United States arriving in New York, by boat in the winter of 1964, and after several weeks in New York, he moved to Kansas City. In 1965, Mr. Milazzo opened his first salon, "L'Art Coiffure".

In 1979, he moved to Florida and once here he realized that there was a need for a cosmetology school that could provide training and education to people interested in becoming successful cosmetologists.

In 1987, Mr. Milazzo together with Ms. Tortora founded ASM Beauty World Academy, Inc. in the city of Hollywood, Florida. Its commitment is to provide education and training accessible to all students, but in particular to those who come from foreign countries.

After thirty years, this commitment is as strong as the first day of opening the school.