Veteran Training


1. VA students must provide the school with all transcripts for any academic or previous training. If after evaluating the transcripts, it is determined that credits will be awarded to the student, then both the student and the USDVA must be notified.
2A. ATTENDANCE: The 90 % attendance requirement must be monitored for veteran students on a monthly basis. The school must maintain attendance records in the Veteran Student's files for auditing purposes. Violations of the attendance policy (once approved) will be reported to the VA within 30 DAYS.
2B. ACADEMIC PROGRESS: All veteran students must be evaluated and their progress must be monitored as follows:

  • Cosmetology and Barber: Eight times during the program at 150 hours, 300 hours, 450 hours, 600 hours, 750 hours, 900 hours, 1050 hours, 1200 hours.
  • Instructor Training, , Advanced Makeup Artistry and Full Specialist (Skin Care, Nails, and Make-Up): Four times during the program at 150 hours, 300 hours, 450 hours, 600 hours.
  • Basic Makeup Artistry: Four times during the program at 75 hours, 150 hours, 225 hours and 300 hours.
  • Electrology: Four times during the program at 80 hours, 160 hours, 240 hours and 320 hours.
  • Skin Care: Four times during the program at 65 hours, 130 hours, 195 hours and 260 hours.
  • Nail Technology: Four times during the program at 60 hours, 120 hours, 180 hours and 240 hours

All records of academic progress must be available in the Veteran Student's file and report of unsatisfactory progress to the VA within 30 days. The maximum time frame allowed for Veteran Students to complete a program is 100 % of the hours the program is approved for. A personalized training calendar schedule will be submitted detailing the start and completion dates, and the hours of attendance. This information is based on the program selected.

EVALUATIONS: Evaluations for all of our programs will be $50.00 for Veterans only.
Proper identification must be presented.

All information concerning start dates, graduation dates, schedules, etc. should also be submitted to VA.