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Sal V. Milazzo Founder of ASM Beauty World Academy.

Sal began his career in Sicily, Italy where he studied hairdressing. After his studies, he came to the United States arriving in New York, by ship in the winter of 1964, and after several weeks in New York, he moved to Kansas City. In 1965, Mr. Milazzo opened his first salon, “L’Art Coiffure”.  In 1979, he moved to Florida and once here he realized there was a need for a cosmetology school that could provide training and education to those individuals interested in becoming successful cosmetologists. In 1987, Mr. Milazzo together with Mrs. Tortora founded ASM Beauty World Academy, in the city of Hollywood, Florida.

His commitment was to provide affordable education and training to all students but in particular those coming from foreign countries. After sixteen years, this commitment is as strong as the first day the school opened.

The Sal V. Milazzo International   Scholarship Fund was established in 2001 as tribute to Sal V. Milazzo’ achievements.

These scholarships are Sal’s wishes to help deserving individuals, from foreign countries, to receive the financial assistance they need to attend our cosmetology school.  

Sandra Gonzalez Salazar

Sandra Salazar was born in Mexico; she graduated from the institute of Marillac in 1988. Where she obtained her high school diploma. Like any other student out high school, she explored different career opportunity as well as schooling. Sandra attended Saturday class for the school district of Mexico in 1993. Where she was recognized for her involvement in attendance to these courses. Sandra didn’t stop her education there she continued her education in the institute of Fleming where she graduated with her teaching degree in 1996. Sandra Salazar had a drive like no other; she attended different seminars to develop her knowledge as well as creativity in teaching. In July 27, 2001 she enlisted into the naval force of Mexico until June 06, 2003.

Even out of the military, she pressed forward obtaining a diploma in alternative medicine in January 18, 2005. Where she then decided to move to the United States of America to further pursue her education. She attended ASM Beauty World Academy and enlisted in the cosmetology program in November 21, 2005. She graduated from the cosmetology program in September 26, 2006, completing 1200 hrs course.  She attended several seminars in which she found her up most interest, such as skin care as well as body wraps. She enjoyed the study of the skin and body that she continued her studies, obtained her license in skin care as well as body wraps. In January 15 2008 ASM Beauty World Academy gave her the opportunity to teach in the area she loves the most, skin care and body wraps. Where she now presently teaches these courses.

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